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Seizing an Alternative
10th International Whitehead Conference
Date: June 4-7, 2015
Location: Claremont, California
In the philosophy of Alfred North Whitehead a conceptuality is found that grounds and unifies the creative and promising work that many people are doing. We believe that Whitehead offers not just an alternative to the modern organization of thought and life but the most promising one. “Seizing an Alternative: Toward an Ecological Civilization” is an international conference that focuses on the big ideas that matter for a thriving ecosphere, featuring some seven hundred presenters and more than eighty areas of specialty. We invite those who know that the transformation and survival of civilization require an alternative to join us in considering this alternative. We invite those who share our interest in more organic, relational, integrated, non-dualistic, and processive ways to find a home in the wider Whiteheadian community or to become part of a network with us.

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