Whitehead Reading Group

The Whitehead Reading Group aims to provide an informal setting through which Whitehead scholars can begin to think collaboratively about what the archival documents found in the Whitehead Research Library (WRL) tell us about Whitehead’s philosophy and life. Launched in February 2019, the WRL contains archival Whitehead materials seldom or never seen before, including almost the entirety of the papers donated to WRP by Whitehead’s grandson.

Meetings will take place via Zoom, with discussions led by co-vectors Brianne Donaldson of UC Irvine, Brian G. Henning of Gonzaga University, and Joseph Petek of WRP.

You can register to take part in the reading group here. Registration is FREE.

The reading group will meet on Friday mornings from 9:00am–10:30am Pacific Time every three weeks, with readings announced at least one meeting prior. We hope you’ll join us as we begin to explore these exciting new materials!

Readings for the meetings can be found below. Click the links for additional information on each reading, as well as where they can be downloaded.

Questions? Contact Joe Petek at .