In accordance with its initial aims, The Whitehead Research Project encourages innovative scholarship on all aspects of Whitehead’s thought, its relationship to established and emerging philosophies, and its contemporary relevance for our time. To help further its mission and vision and in recognition of the importance of ongoing research, WRP has established two classes of support.


  • We welcome and appreciate the generosity of all those interested in helping by providing the material and financial support needed to further the objectives of WRP. Donors are divided according to the following levels:
Up to $1,000.00 Friend
$1,000.00+ Sustaining Donor
$5,000.00+ Founding Donor
$10,000.00+ Whitehead Donor


    • Institutional Membership: extended by invitation to institutions, research centers, and groups whose overall goals coincide with those of WRP.
    • Honorary Membership: given to individuals in recognition of significant lifetime contributions to the study of Whitehead’s philosophy.
    • Research Membership: extended by invitation to active scholars in support of current research into all aspects of Whitehead’s philosophy and its relation to other philosophies and disciplines. Research Members are chosen based on innovative and outstanding scholarship, and serve as the primary contributors to the Whitehead Research Lexicon.

To find out how to become a member, please .