Editorial Board

General Editor

  • George R. Lucas, Jr. (U.S. Naval Academy, Annapolis)
    George Lucas is Class of 1984 Distinguished Chair in Ethics at The Vice Admiral James B. Stockdale Center for Ethical Leadership at the United States Naval Academy (Annapolis, MD). From 1990-2008 he was Philosophy Series editor for the State University of New York Press. He is the author of numerous refereed journal articles on Whitehead and process philosophy in Process Studies, Int’l Philosophical Quarterly, Transactions of the C.S. Peirce Society, and The Personalist Forum. He is author of Two Views of Freedom in Process Thought (1979), The Genesis of Modern Process Thought (1983), and The Rehabilitation of Whitehead (1989). Edited volumes on Whitehead include Whitehead un der Deutsche Idealismus (1990) and Hegel and Whitehead (1986).

Executive Editor

  • Brian G. Henning (Gonzaga University)
    Henning is Professor of Philosophy at Gonzaga University and Director of Research and Publication for the Whitehead Research Project. Dr. Henning holds a M.A., M.Phil., and Ph.D. in philosophy from Fordham University. He has published three books and has published articles in Process Studies, International Philosophical Quarterly, The Modern Schoolman, and Ethics & the Environment. His 2005 book, The Ethics of Creativity, won the 2007 Findlay Book Prize from the Metaphysical Society of America for the best work of metaphysics published between 2001 and 2006. He is co-editor of the Contemporary Whitehead Studies book series through Lexington Books.

Associate Editor

  • Joseph Petek (Claremont School of Theology)
    Petek received his PhD in Religion / Process Studies from Claremont School of Theology in 2022. He is the Chief Archivist of the Whitehead Research Project, and Associate Series Editor for the Critical Edition of Whitehead. He is co-editor with Brian Henning of the second volume of the Critical Edition of Whitehead. His research interests include Whiteheadian process thought, pragmatism, post-structuralism, philosophy of language, philosophy of death and personal identity, virtual worlds, and the theology of Teilhard.

Advisory Board

  • George Allan
    George Allan is Professor of Philosophy Emeritus at Dickinson College. Among his publications are three books on the metaphysical foundations of social value: The Importances of the Past; The Realizations of the Future; and The Patterns of the Present. He has also published three books in philosophy of education: Rethinking College Education; Higher Education in the Making: Pragmatism, Whitehead, and the Canon; and Modes of Learning: Whitehead’s Metaphysics and the Stages of Education. Allan is currently writing a fourth volume on social value and one that reinterprets Whitehead’s cosmology in a functionalist and secular manner.
  • Paul A. Bogaard
    Paul A. Bogaard retired from teaching after 40 years at Mount Allison University, having published on the philosophy of chemistry, history of science in Canada, ancient philosophy, and (since retirement) the local history of the Chignecto area of Maritime Canada. He is a founding director of the Tantramar Heritage Trust, the Sackville Waterfowl Park, the Cape Jourimain Nature Centre, and the UNESCO-designated Fundy Biosphere Reserve. He is lead editor of the first volume of the Edinburgh Critical Edition of the Complete Works of Alfred North Whitehead.
  • Ronny Desmet
    Ronny Desmet is a postdoctoral researcher of the Fund for Scientific Research Flanders, and is affiliated with the Centre of Logic and Philosophy of Science at the Free University of Brussels. he became a master of mathematics in 1983 with a dissertation on the mathematics and philosophy of quantum mechanics. After a career in the private sector, he left a position at Sun Microsystems in 2002 to study philosophy. He became a master of philosophy in 2005 with a dissertation on the decline of the mechanistic worldview, and obtained a PhD in 2010 for his study on Whitehead’s theory of relativity. Among his publications are a 2010 collection of essays, co-edited by Michel Weber, Whitehead: The Algebra of Metaphysics (Les éditions Chromatika), and a 2016 collection of essays, Intuition in Mathematics and Physics: A Whiteheadian Approach (Process Century Press, in press).
  • Daniel Dombrowski (Seattle University)
    Daniel Dombrowski is Professor of Philosophy at Seattle University.  Among his many books are Rethinking the Ontological Argument: A Neoclassical Theistic Perspective (Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2006); Contemporary Athletics and Ancient Greek Ideals (Chicago: University of Chicago Press, 2009); and Process Philosophy and Political Liberalism: Rawls, Whitehead, Hartshorne (Edinburgh: Edinburgh University Press, 2019).
  • Roland Faber (Claremont School of Theology)
    Faber is the Founder of the Whitehead Research Project, Kilsby Family/John B. Cobb Professor of Process Studies at Claremont School of Theology, Professor of Religion and Philosophy at Claremont Graduate University, and Co-Director of the Center for Process Studies. Dr. Faber holds a Ph.D. and habilitation in philosophy and religion from the University of Vienna. He was honored with the Cardinal Innitzer Prize for his work. From 1998-2005, he was co-chair of the Institute of Systematic Theology of the University of Vienna and responsible for its financial and academic development. His experience in humanities research includes domestic and international invited lectures, book reviews, peer-reviewed journal articles, six monographs, and forthcoming, three co-edited works.
  • Nancy Frankenberry (Dartmouth College)
    Dr. Frankenberry is the John Phillips Professor of Religion at Dartmouth College, Hanover, New Hampshire, where she has chaired the Department of Religion as well as the Women’s and Gender Studies Program. She received her Ph.D. from Graduate Theological Union in conjunction with the University of California- Berkeley in 1977 with a dissertation on Whitehead, under the direction of Bernard Loomer. In 1991 she received the Dartmouth Award for Distinguished Creative or Scholarly Achievement, and in 1995 she was awarded a National Endowment for the Humanities Fellowship. Frankenberry is the author or editor of five books, Religion and Radical Empiricism ( 1987), Interpreting Neville (1999), Language, Truth, and Religious Belief (1999), Radical Interpretation in Religion (2002), and The Faith of Scientists: In Their Own Words (2008), and has published some fifty journal articles, book chapters, and book reviews. She is currently working on a book about American pragmatism and religious belief.
  • Nicholas Griffin (McMaster University)
    Nicholas John Griffin is Canada Research Chair in Philosophy emeritus, long-time director of the Bertrand Russell Research Centre, and general editor of the Collected Papers of Bertrand Russell. He was named McMaster University Library’s Scholar in Residence upon his retirement from the Philosophy Department in 2019. Throughout his 42-year tenure at McMaster, Griffin has made a number of significant contributions to Russell scholarship, including scores of books and other publications related to Russell’s life and work.
  • Michael Halewood (University of Essex, UK)
    Halewood is a lecturer in sociology at the University of Essex, UK, where he is a member of the Centre for Theoretical Studies. His main areas of interest are the work of A. N. Whitehead, philosophy and social theory, the materiality of subjectivity. His recent publications include “Being a Sociologist and Becoming a Whiteheadian: Concrescing Methodological Tactics,” in Theory, Culture and Society 24:4 (2008) and a collection of papers on Whitehead for Theory, Culture and Society.
  • Lisa Landoe Hedrick (University of Chicago Divinity School)
    Lisa Landoe Hedrick is currently a Teaching Fellow in the Divinity School and the College at the University of Chicago. She graduated with a BA from Davidson College (2010) and completed her MA (2012) and PhD (2019) at the University of Chicago Divinity School. As a scholar, she focuses on the intersections between analytic philosophy of language, metaphysics, and religious studies. More specifically, she explores the metaphysical assumptions of belief-talk, God-talk, and world-talk, among others, in modern and contemporary philosophy and theology. She has published articles with Contemporary Pragmatism, Process Studies, The Review of Metaphysics, The Pluralist, and the American Journal of Theology and Philosophy, where she also serves as Reviews EditorHer first book Whitehead and the Pittsburgh School: Preempting the Problem of Intentionality (forthcoming 2021) will be published as part of the Contemporary Whitehead Studies series with Lexington Books. For the next four academic years (2021–2025), Lisa will serve as Harper-Schmidt Fellow at the University of Chicago at the rank of Collegiate Assistant Professor in the Social Sciences Core.
  • Jude Jones (Fordham University)
    Jude Jones teaches philosophy at Fordham University and is director of the Society for the Study of Process Philosophies. Her main areas of interest are the application of process metaphysical models to transforming moral practices; panpsychism and process models of consciousness; ongoing interests in the role of intensity in describing actuality in a process view. Her major work is Intensity: An Essay in Whiteheadian Cosmology (1998).
  • Helmut Maaßen (Heinrich-Heine University Duesseldorf//Germany)
    Maaßen teaches Philosophy at Heinrich-Heine University, Duesseldorf, Germany and is the editor of the book series European Studies in Process Thought (ESPT). He has spent research sabbaticals at Boston University (1990) and Jawaharlal Nehru University, Delhi/India (2000). He has published several books on A.N. Whitehead and Charles S. Peirce and numerous scholarly articles. He is also the International Book Review Coordinator for Germany for the Process Studies journal.
  • Leemon McHenry (University of California, Northridge)
    McHenry is a lecturer in philosophy at California State University, Northridge and research consultant for the law firm, Baum, Hedlund, Aristei and Goldman of Los Angeles, California. He wrote a PhD thesis on Whitehead at the University of Edinburgh under Professor Timothy Sprigge, and subsequently worked with Victor Lowe on Whitehead’s biography at the Johns Hopkins University. His papers on Whitehead, Quine, Santayana, Bradley, James, and Sprigge have appeared in Process Studies and the Journal of Speculative Philosophy and has a book on Whitehead forthcoming from Oxford UP.
  • Robert J. Valenza
    Robert J. Valenza is the Dengler-Dykema Professor of Mathematics and the Humanities at Claremont McKenna College. He received his BA, MA, MPhil and PhD degrees from Columbia University and has been teaching in Claremont since 1988. Professor Valenza’s main research interests are metaphysics, especially in relation to aesthetics and the philosophy of science, and number theory. He has authored or coauthored five books, among them Fourier Analysis on Number Fields in Springer’s prestigious GTM Series, and dozens of research and expository articles. His current projects include investigations into arithmetic algorithms and a book on the mathematics, physics and philosophy of general relativity.