Research Members

Research Membership is extended by invitation to active scholars in support of current research into all aspects of Whitehead’s philosophy and its relation to other philosophies and disciplines. Research Members are chosen based on innovative and outstanding scholarship.

Jeffrey Bell Southeastern Louisiana University
Ali Benmakhlouf University of Nice
Jean-Marie Breuvart Université de Lille
Justin Clemens University of Melbourne
André Cloots University of Leuvent
Vincent Colapietro Penn State Univeristy
Jean-Claude Dumoncel University of Caen
Guillaume Durand University of Caen
Derek Malone France George Washington University
Michael Hampe ETH Zürich
Graham Harman The American Univeristy in Cairo
Regine Kather University of Freiburg
Joachim Klose Educational Society, Dresden
Spyridon Koutroufinis Technical University Of Berlin
Erin Manning Concordia Univesity
Brain Massumi Université de Montréal
Steven Meyer Washington University
Duston Moore Indiana University-
Purdue University, Fort Wayne
Steve Odin Univeristy of Hawaii
Adrain Parr University of Cincinatti
Stascha Rohmer Humboldt University
Franz Riffert University of Salzburg
Philip Rose University of Windsor
Adam Scarfe Brandon University
Steven Shaviro Wayne State University
Olav Bryant Smith California State University, Chico