Event videos

Roland Faber speaking at the third WRP conference

Recordings of many of WRP’s past conferences and events are now available online on the WRP YouTube channel, including:

Meetings of the ongoing Whitehead Reading Group.

All sessions of the ninth WRP conference, “Whitehead Revealed: Examining Whitehead’s First Year of Harvard Lectures.”

All sessions of the eighth WRP conference, “A Whiteheadian Laboratory: Featuring Erin Manning, Brian Massumi, and the SenseLab.”

All sessions of the seventh WRP conference, “Rethinking Symbolism: Whitehead and the Problems of Thought, Language, and Culture.”

Select sessions from the third WRP conference, “Becomings, Misplacements, Departures: Butler and Whitehead as Catalysts for Contemporary Thought.”

Select sessions from the first WRP conference, “Event & Decision: Ontology & Politics in Badiou, Deleuze, and Whitehead.”