Press Release 7-16-13


July 16, 2013

It is our pleasure to announce that the Whitehead Research Project has begun work on the Critical Edition of Whitehead, which will for the first time make available, in both print and digital format, the complete published and unpublished writings of Alfred North Whitehead.

Whitehead’s historic stature as a pivotal figure in American philosophy, his significant contributions to the rise of analytic philosophy, and the recent and world-wide renewal of interest in the constructive contribution of his seminal ideas to a number of important contemporary metaphysical and cosmological problems in philosophy, physics, and religious studies, argue for the appropriateness and timeliness of a critical edition of his works.

The General Editor of the Critical Edition is George R. Lucas, Jr. of the Naval Postgraduate School and the Executive Editor is Brian G. Henning of Gonzaga University. Editing will take place at diverse locations by an international team of scholars. The Whitehead Research Project is the repository for the paper copies of texts and manuscripts and is the computer center for receiving and hosting all the materials of the edition. The digital volumes that result will be online.

Private donors to the Whitehead Research Project generously provided some initial funding to launch the edition. National Endowment for the Humanities funding and other grant opportunities will be sought for the continued support of the Critical Edition. Please consider donating today to support this important work.

Editorial Board

General Editor:George R. Lucas, Jr.
Executive Editor:Brian G. Henning
Editorial Advisory Board:George Allan
Roland Faber
Michael Halewood
Helmut Maassen
Leemon McHenry
Editorial Assistants:John Becker
Richard Livingston
Joseph Petek

Find out more about the members of the board here.

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