The Edinburgh Critical Edition of the Complete Works of Alfred North Whitehead


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Summary of current work

With the second volume of Harvard Lectures recently completed, Edition staff are currently focused on editing the materials slated for the first volume of Collected Essays and Articles. In the meantime, editorial assistants have forged ahead with initial transcription of the materials slated for the sixth volume of Harvard Lectures.

Itemized list of progress on all volumes

The Harvard Lectures of Alfred North Whitehead

  • Volume 1, 1924–1925: Published in February 2017.
  • Volume 2, 1925–1927: Published in January 2021.
  • Volume 3, 1927–1929: Initial transcription completed.
  • Volume 4, 1930–1933: Initial transcription completed.
  • Volume 5, 1933–1935: Initial transcription completed.
  • Volume 6, 1935–1937: Initial transcription in progress.

The Essays and Articles of Alfred North Whitehead

  • Volume 1, 1886–1918: Editing in progress.
  • Volume 2, 1919–1943: Transcription verification in progress.

The Correspondence of Alfred North Whitehead

  • The Whitehead-Russell Correspondence: Editing in progress.
  • The Correspondence of Whitehead: Materials scanned and awaiting initial transcription.

The Monographs of Alfred North Whitehead

  • Scanning and transcribing in progress.


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Association for Documentary Editing

The Critical Edition adheres to the standards set forth by the Association for Documentary Editing (ADE), and is listed as an affiliate project on their website. The Critical Edition volumes are edited as clear text according to the Guide to Documentary Editing, accompanied by a minimally-intrusive interpretive and critical scholarly apparatus designed deliberately to avoid cluttering the core text with distracting insertions or interjections in order to permit the reader’s full engagement with the authoritative primary text. Editorial annotations are used throughout to meticulously record and justify editorial decisions and to help clarify ambiguities in the original. The texts are studied closely by at least two separate editors.